Thursday, January 26, 2012


A few months ago I noticed that our floor fan had gotten very dirty so I went to take it apart and clean it. While doing so I noticed a black paste was building up on the blades. I had to use Bleach to get it to break apart and come clean. This wasn't your normal build-up of dust. This was a thick pasty black substance.

It was at that point that I realized how dirty the air can be inside the city in certain areas. We live on a street that has it's fair share of traffic, including about 75 to 100 municipal buses each day. One of the things you notice about most of these buses, along with many vehicles here, is how thick and black the exhaust is coming out of the tail pipes. Those emissions combined with the fact that there are so many unpaved roads in developing neighborhoods create some fairly dirty air here at times.

You also have people here that still burn their trash instead of paying for trash pickup. It is quite common for us to open our windows to get fresh air and smell burning trash. So you have smog, dirty roads and burning trash creating this thick soot that gets in the air and then on your window screens, in your air conditioning units, on your floor fans and unfortunately in your lungs.

The people who live at the beach don't experience as much of this but the people in Centro and other highly-trafficked areas can get barraged with poor air-quality.

Also, one more thing. Before you come down here you should have your fans in your laptops cleaned. And you also need to learn how to remove the keyboard and clean out your laptops on your own. We did have a fan in one of our laptops seize up and stop working. We thought it was broken and we couldn't find a laptop repair shop here who could get a replacement fan. I ended up taking the laptop back to the U.S. on a business trip and had a computer repair shop. The repair tech showed me that the fan was not broken but in fact clogged up with dust and other junk. 

Knowing how to do this will save you a few dollars in the future as you live and reside in Merida.


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