Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mexican Car Insurance

This is the insurance broker we use for our auto insurance policy here in Mexico. Click Here.

I just renewed for $162. That covers my 2001 Ford F-150 for the entire year. It was more last year because I carried theft coverage and had a higher declared value on the vehicle. The reason we did liability only is because we are considering nationalizing our vehicle before October. Once you nationalize a foreign vehicle you have to start carrying domestic insurance.

Nationalizing means you register your U.S. or any other foreign vehicle and get Yucatan plates on it. You can only nationalize a vehicle once it's 10 years old from the year of manufacture. That means, starting in October, 2010 through October, 2011 you can nationalize all foreign made vehicles from 2001. After this October only vehicles manufactured in 2002 will be eligilbe for nationalization for the next year.

I still need to do some research on this. I will update you if/when I find something out.



  1. Thank you so much for the link connecting me to that Mexican car insurance online! My wife and I are moving to Guadalajara in a few months and we're going to be there for the next three years so it's nice to find a quality company like this one that could potentially help us out. Thanks a million!

  2. Hey Gary,
    You may want to contact an insurance agent in guadalajara to get you your policy. They can set you up with the same coverage with the same companies as the website I referred you to. The added benefit to working with a local agent is that they will most likely be on call for you if you have an accident. Search the expat community in Guadalajar for recommendations.
    Take care

  3. Lewis and Lewis http://www.MexicanAutoInsurance.com has 6 times the liability coverage and is about the same price.

  4. Jim,
    If that is true then that is a good deal. I have not checked it out. Thank you for letting us know so we can check it out.