Friday, June 3, 2011


In October of last year I started to suffer from some form of chronic fatigue and I wasn't sure what was causing it. Everyday around the early afternoon it was all I could do to fight the urge to lay down and take a nap. I've never had this problem before so when I started to struggle with this it was a bit of a suprise to me.

But there was one other physical symptom I was having that was causing me to question if my immune system was fighting something off that it had never before. I noticed that every time I took a hot shower I would get these tingling sensations all up and down my forearms and lower legs. It literally felt like I had ants crawling all over my limbs. When I would get out of the shower and dry off the tingling sensations would slowly disappear. I thought maybe I was having a blood circulation issue with my body along with the fatigue.

One day I ended up speaking with a family friend about my issues. She is an American lady who has lived here in Mexico with her family for 13 years. She told me that she had been through the same experience when they had moved to Merida (minus the tingling arms and legs) and that through the course of time had learned that she had parasites in her body from some external source like bad food, city water, poor sanitary environments, handling cash money....something. She advised us to take Vermox. This product is sold in every pharmacy, Wal Mart, Costco and grocery store chain in Mexico.

Although I did not realize it at the time, I had been exposed to parasites through some source like those mentioned before. They had developed so badly in my system that when I put my skin under hot water the parasites and amoeba would start moving around inside my arms and legs. They were literally robbing my body of nutrients and causing me to "gas out" way before I normally would in the normal course of my day. Once we took the Vermox we started to feel a noticeable difference within the hour. But for me personally, because my case was so far advanced compared to Christine and the boys, it took me about a week to slowly recover from the lingering affects of the damage that the parasites had done to my body internally. It was as though I had experienced some minor tissue damage similar to what one does when exercising and my body needed some time to repair itself.

I will give you this advice if you vacation or move here: Take Vermox at least every 60 days, wash your hands constantly and use hand sanitizer when out in public. Because many Expats that live here maintain and operate out of their Bank Accounts back in the states or Canada, we end up doing alot of ATM withdrawals and operating with cash-on-hand quite frequently. This means handling alot of paper currency that carries oils and bacteria from the hands of other people.

I have watched the sanitation guys that pick up our trash open up every trash-bag they grab off of the curb before placing it into the back of the trash truck. They look for recyclables like plastic bottles and aluminum cans to recycle for extra cash. They do this with their bare hands over and over throughout the day. These guys then in turn probably take cash out of their wallets to pay for food at local vendors and convenience stores along the way. This money then circulates throughout the community. This is just one example of cross contamination that I have witnessed while here, something that you don't see back home. Get my point?

If you handle cash here, wash and sanitize your hands.........And take your share of Vermox.

J.E. Blackshear

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