Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pablo and Sophia

These are our new family members, Pablo and Sophia. Our boys wanted to try out bird ownership and since KATO had a sale on all birds and aviary accessories we thought we would give it a go.

In recent shopping excursions to local tree and plant nurseries we noticed that a few of the business owners have very large bird cages full of parakeets in their place of business. Typically Americans put birds in smaller cages. Not in Mexico. Even at KATO (local pet shop chain in Mexico) the birds never have their wings clipped and are kept in larger cages. Soooo....................I went to work on something better and $125.00 at Home Depot and 20 construction hours later we put together a large bird cage for our starter pair of Keets. It was well worth it.

Let's just say they have come alive. In the smaller cage they hardly ever moved and didn't have room to fly. Now......They seem very very do the boys. The cage is 5 feet tall, 43 inches wide and 21 inches deep. I have to admit even my wife and I are really enjoying them. Putting the bird cage outside is very common in Mexico. The year-round warmer climate allows for it. 

I wonder if they would give us our money back on the smaller cage??? Oh well.

Jay Blackshear

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