Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day of School

Today was our boys last day of school at Calvary Christian Academy. The experience there has been a very good one. This was the hardest part of saying good-bye for us. My wife and I felt like we had attended a funeral of sorts. In many ways our hearts are very much with what is happening in the lives of these teachers and students at this school.

This is Joseph's 6th grade class. Their are two classes in each grade from K through 6th. Each year the school adds a grade. Each grade has two classes of 25 students each. The tuition is only $1,200 MXP per month, approximately $100 USD per month. This class is taking the Spanish block of courses in the morning and the English classes after lunch. The other 6th grade class is below. They are in the English block in the morning and the Spanish block after lunch.

This is Joseph with his two teachers, Teacher Mimi and Teacher Andreas. Andreas teaches the English block to both classes and Mimi takes the Spanish blocks. Both teachers are bilingual. Andreas lived in the U.S. for 22 years and is a dual citizen. Mimi has family in Texas.

All 50 students after a serving of chocolate cake. These kids are really really sweet.
All the ladies need a good-bye hug. Joseph was really really embarrased.

Now it's time for Joel's good-bye party to start at lunchtime. He is in first grade.

Pictured around Joel is Miss Vaness and Teacher Lily. Vanessa was Joel's "shadow". We hired her to help him with his homework and assist him into his transition in the Mexican school system. To the Right is Teacher Lily. She is a wonderful bilingual teacher. She loves Joel and visa versa.

Joel with Miss Vanessa. Saying Good-bye to her was very very hard. The good news is God promoted her to be a 5th grade teacher. "I will bless those who bless you....says the Lord." She was blessed for her faithful service to our family and to the school as a whole.

Teacher Lily.

Joel's Classmates. 5 beautiful Yucateca girls.

Good-bye Calvary Christian Academy. We will love you and always miss you. Maybe again someday if the Lord brings us back.

Jay and family

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