Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Planned Pethood

Today we took our adopted labrador Missy to the vet to get her Certificado de Saludo. Planned Pethood is a popular veterenarian used by many expats here in Merida.

In order to bring a dog back into the U.S. you have to have their records up to date. This includes a rabies shot that is administered between the last 30 days and 12 months. What I am saying is that the shots need 30 days to settle into the animal's body and can not be more than 12 months since administered. Make sense? This is per U.S. Customs regulations.

A dog also has to have a Certificado de Salud (Health Certificate) that is not more than 10 days old at the time of your border crossing. That means if I get my CS/HC today, I have to cross the border by February 9th. Does that make sense?

The cost of the treatment: $450 MXP for rabis shot, $75MXP for 30mg Endogard tablet, $200MXP for a Certificate of Health. Total Cost : $725 MXP or $53 USD. Not bad at all.

Tenga Buen Dia

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