Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Final Leg

Well, after an almost 2 year effort and journey it looks as if we are moving back to our home state of TX at the beginning of February. We started mulling over and praying about this at the beginning of October and came to the conclusion this was what we were being led to do.

We are scheduled to head out on February 3rd...My wife and the boys on an airplane and myself in the truck. With that said, I hope to have the time to write some departing posts about different areas of life here in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

It has been my observation that much of the feedback that comes from others comes with financial strings attached. My intention is to not be pessimistic or overly optimistic but to simply point out both the beauty and not so beautiful parts of life in this country that many of us expats have called home. Work, play, family, financial.....I will give some in's and out's of what I see as we move along here.

Please watch for more to come in the next two weeks as we finish up our journey here.

God Bless,

Jay and family

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