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  1. Hey Russ and Valeria,
    Actually we think things did work out. We are just needing to go back for a couple of reasons which I may post on the blog. I will keep posting as I have time.

  2. Hi Jay, Just discovered your blog and happily so. My husband and I are also moving to Merida in March. Sad for us that you folks are leaving. We have same questions as Valeria KF. Additional questions for us, 1) can you recommend a great rental agent in Merida, 2) we walked away from our home here in California and it has tanked our credit scores. Will this impact us when renting a house in Merida? We have 5 cats and wonder if there are places to keep them in Merida while we look for permanent lodgings. Any thoughts on the every expanding YES (Yucatan Expatriate Services?) They offer alot of recommendations, mostly Americans with businesses in Merida. One such vendor quoted a price for a rental, 2 bedroom home with pool at $1,000 a month. Any response is most welcome. Blessings on your way back to Texas. Do let us know if you miss Merida or not. Signed, Odelia N., San Francisco, California

  3. Hey Odelia,
    I would recommend you contact Fransisco Guieterrez with Yucatan Real Estate Paradise. He is the one I used and would recommend. His website is

    I understand about walking away from a home. We had to do that one. My wife's mom and 4 of her 6 sisters live in California. That market is in horrible shape. Your credit score in the states has nothing to do with renting here. You will however need to put down 2 months deposit if you rent from a Mexican landlord. That is in addition to the one months deposit for attorneys. Expect to put down first months rent plus three months additional, one for attorneys to draw up contracts and two for deposit.....One for deposit if you have a local co-signor which I don't recommend.

    I have neve worked with YES except for drawing up forms for Visa renewals. I think they are good people from what I have seen/heard. Personally I would recommend Fransisco first for real estate.

    A 2 bedroom home for 1k should come fully furnished and with a back massage three times a week. That is too much in my opinion. I pay $600 for 2 bedrooms and mine is a brand new home with everything but furniture. contact me if you are interested in renting from my landlord and want to see the property. This is basically three homes built exactly the same. All are new. Two are now available.


  4. My son is 21 and a college student. He is considering a one month study trip sponsored by his college to Merida for month of July. What advice can you give us? Thank you.