Monday, July 22, 2013

Still Going Strong

I am kind of surprised that our blog is still rolling along even though we have been back in the states now for 18 months. Lots of people still email me with questions asking for advice about how to transition, where they should look for housing, rental rates, schools for kids, starting a business.....things of that nature. All are very good questions and we try and take the time to answer them honestly as we receive them.

With that said, some things about Mexico will never change. Some things change rapidly. Some questions I can answer. Some I cannot (changes in visa laws as an example) as some things change quite often in Mexico. For the later I recommend getting on I would advise you to make that forum your second home if you are looking for real time advice on some of the more dynamic things of life (visa requirements, current events, inland travel info, etc.....).

The purpose of our blog was to give a view to our friends and family back in the states of what it was like to live as a family in Mexico. But with that, I don't know everything that is happening south of the Border. Check out the above forum. I have no ties to them and have nothing to gain from the referral. I found it very helpful for me and my family a few years back. Not sure if it has maintained it's quality or not. I am assuming it has unless otherwise informed.



  1. The Facebook group Mexico Amigos is also a great resource. I've gotten questions answered there, as well as answers to questions I didn't even know I had!

    1. Lee,
      Do they have a website with a forum or is it just on facebook?