Friday, September 30, 2011

Dolores Alba

The Dolores Alba is the hotel that I stayed at when I made my first trip down in May, 2010. It is right in the heart of Centro and has alot of positives attributes:
  • Very affordable at around $50 USD per night for a couple, cheaper for one person.
  • Very Clean
  • Very Quiet
  • Within walking distance of alot of cathedrals, parks, shops....pretty much everything. 
  • Breakfast is included and decent. 
  • Architecture is beautiful. 
  • Staff is friendly. 
  • They can call you a cab if you need one. 
  • Rooms have individual lock safes which you set the combos on when you arrive. 
  • The Pool is clean and well kept. 
  • The outdoor dining area is very inviting. 
  • Wifi or you can pay to use their internet hookups on their computers. 
  • The A/C's in the bedrooms work really well.

It has alot of upside to it. Honestly, I think they could charge a little more if they wanted to. The place only has one drawback....They have the hardest beds you have ever slept on. And I love hard beds. If you can handle that then it is a place I would recommend.


P.S. Here is the Link to the hotel's website. (Click Here). They have one in Chichen Itza as well so make sure you click on the correct hotel.

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