Thursday, September 15, 2011

Changes with Mexican Visa Laws

The new Visa laws for non-Mexican residents are not going to go into effect until next calendar year. Typically visas fall into one of three categories: FMT (Tourist Visa), FM2 or FM3.

My family and I are currently on FM3's at this time. I went to the immigration office in Progresso today and spoke with one of the English speaking employees there today. She informed me that the laws for doing away with all current visa categories are in place but have not been implemented. The Federal government has yet to release their changes to their immigration offices throughout the country and will not do so until November.

The lady continued to inform me that all immigration offices will need a few months to go through training on all aspects of the changes in law. This means that there won't be any changes implemented in this calendar year and if you already have an FM2 or FM3 visa you will simply renew it this year, 2011, and stay on that visa until you are scheduled to renew next year. Once that occurs you will apply for one of the newly developed categories of visas. And as far as that is concerned, it is my understanding that there will be several to choose from based on the nature and purpose of you being here: i.e. business, living only, religious purposes, etc, etc, etc......

I will pass on more info as I get it. Everyone, including the immigration offices, are still in a holding pattern of sorts.


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