Friday, October 7, 2011

Meaning of the name "Merida"

I was curious as to the meaning of the name Merida. I found this today.
The city of Merida, Mexico was named after the Spanish city Merida. The original name of this town in Spain was "Emerita Augusta" and was then shortened to Merida. So, Merida is a shortened version of Emerita. This is a Latin name meaning "a woman who has achieved a place of honor." Since Merida is a derivative I would say that it would carry the same meaning in much the same way that Sally and Sadie have the same meaning as Sarah.
I found the info at this link.

Wikipedia seems to generally confirm the above info.
The name of Mérida in Spain comes from the Latin form Emerita Augusta, from Emeritus, one who has merit, in reference to Roman soldiers who were licensed from the army.
Muy Interestante. Very Interesting.   

Merida, Spain....a formerly Roman city.

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