Sunday, January 29, 2012


I promised these guys a recommendation....Multilimpia Cleaning Services. Here is their website.

I used them to clean the fabric covering on my couch and the coverings on my dining room chairs before I sold them. They did a really good job. If/when you call you need to ask for Yamil. His number is 999-969-9741. His email is He is bilingual and came over to my house and oversaw the work personally to make sure everything was handled properly.

They did an excellent job.

On a side note....if/when you buy furniture here I recommend you get leather or some type of material that wipes down.....unless you just have to have cloth furniture. As I mentioned in the earlier post on SMOG....their is alot of dust and soot in the air here at times. Because you open your windows alot here that poor air quality settles into fabrics really easy and well, it changes the quality of the fabric within about 18 months of purchase. FYI.


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